How to build your own gym for under $100

Save money by creating your own gym for under $100!

A lot of people are moving away from traditional gym memberships and embracing our great outdoors or working out at home.


Must Have:

  • Gym Ball $10 at Kmart – also called stability ball or fit ball. They come in 3 sizes. 55cm for 150-160cm tall. 65cm for 160-180cm and 75cm for 180-195cm tall
  • Dumbbells fr $6 each at Kmart. For women starting out, I suggest having a set of 2, 3, 4 & 5 kgs
  • Yoga or exercise mat $10 at Kmart – the foam one at Kmart is really thick and durable
  • Resistance Bands fr $14.50 at Workout World – Buy a good quality otherwise they will snap. Workout world has some great ones
  • Skipping Rope $10

Nice to have:

  • Hook and jab pads fr $30 at Rebel Sport. Don’t buy mitts (mitts are for MMA). Buy proper boxing gloves to protect your hands (especially knuckles and wrists)
  • Boxing Heavy Bag $39 at Kmart. They vary in price but you can get good ones second hand
  • Kettlebells fr $10 each at Kmart


  • Check out Gumtree, eBay, Trading Post for some wholesale and second hand gear
  • There are a lot of parks with outdoor gyms. Check your local council website for the names. Around Sydney CBD, we have Wentworth Park, Prince Alfred Park and Observatory Hill.

Do you have a favourite piece of equipment? Share them with me on Facebook or Instagram.


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