How much protein do I need?

Protein is the secret to fat loss. 

You killed your workout. You’re on a high and now, you’re hungry. In this situation, most would be tempted to nom on a cronut than a porterhouse steak. The truth is, we need protein everyday and here is why.

Each time you workout, you break your muscle tissues down and it is essential to replenish your body – after all 75% of our body is made up of protein. Unfortunately, most women don’t have enough protein in their diets for many reasons:

  • There is a misconception protein increases body fat. This is further from the truth. Its what you eat with the protein that could be the culprit (the french fries along with half a bottle of tomato sauce – enough said).
  • Another reason for not having enough protein is that most of us don’t understand how much we actually need and not tracking it.

Me in Barcelona with Lean Steak

Me in Barcelona with Lean Steak

There are many benefits to increasing your protein intake including (but not limited to):

  • Protein increases your metabolism – it takes the body more energy to break down protein. Therefore, raising your metabolism and burning calories at the same time (oh yeah!!! multitasking to the max)
  • Protein makes you feel full and satisfied – protein increases insulin sensitivity and helps control hormones like leptin, helping to avoid hunger
  • Protein gives you sexy shape and tone – yes ladies, we all want that perky booty but spending hours at the gym is not enough. Protein aids in building muscle which gives you shape. It will not ‘bulk’ you because women don’t have the same amount of testosterone as men do which is needed to ‘bulk up’.

So, how much protein do I actually need?

Ok, get your calculators out. Research states that you need approximately 1.0-1.6 grams of protein for every Kg of your body weight. For example, if you are 60kgs, you will need about 60 to 96 grams of protein a day.

Best Sources of Protein:

Here are some sources of protein to consider for your next meal. I suggest tracking what you eat on an app such as my fitness pal to ensure you’re getting enough everyday.

  • Poultry including Chicken & Turkey (28g protein per 100grams)
  • Fish (salmon is my personal favourite at 22g protein per 100 grams)
  • Beef (choose grass fed where possible 30g protein per 150grams)
  • Lean Pork (choose free range pork. 21g protein per 100grams)
  • Eggs (choose free range. Not to be confused with cage free. A large egg contains 6g protein)
  • Whey protein powder (depending on the brand, one scoop can have 20-30 grams of protein)
  • Beans (all kinds – black beans have the most protein content at 15g in 1 cup)
  • Nuts (almonds and walnuts contain the most protein)
  • Dairy – full fat milk, Greek yogurt & cheese (almond milk does not count)


Lemon PWR.:Protein and Amino Acid Requirements of the Strength Athlete.;Int J Sport Nutr , 1991;1;127-145


International Women’s Day – Save the date 7 March

What a fantastic start to the year. One thing to note at Boxing Betty is that almost every week, there is always something to celebrate and thats why every week, the workouts are different. For instance, we’ve had several ‘special editions’ including Australia Day and Valentine’s Day (or anti- Valentines day as it seemed due to the tough workout ha ha).

An upcoming event worth celebrating is International Women’s Day which is celebrated every year on 8th March. This year will be Boxing Betty’s first International Women’s Day and we will be celebrating on Saturday 7th March at our usual spot in Central Park, Sydney.IWD

International Women’s Day celebrates the economic, social, political achievements of women in the past, present and future. This year’s theme is #makeithappen. If I relate this event to boxing, I can proudly say that we have come a long way as boxing has always been viewed as a male sport or ‘unlady like’.

There are now a lot of professional female boxers and a classes and bootcamp just like Boxing Betty. Women were finally allowed to box for the first time during the 2012 Summer Olympics, producing the world’s first 12 female Olympic medalist boxers. 2012?!?! Yes that was only 3 years ago.   

Boxing Betty runs regular classes on Tuesday and Saturday but I urge you to come to the one on 7th March as a must if you cannot make regular classes. There will be prizes, lot of fun and of course sweating!

Please come on the day wearing purple which is the colour of International Women’s Day. Proceeds of the day will go to #whiteribbon. White Ribbon is an organisation that works to prevent male violence against women.

  • When: Saturday 7th March
  • Location: Chippendale Green Park (behind Central Park Mall)
  • Cost: $10
  • What to bring: Towel, water, cotton inners  and wear purple

See you there!!!


There’s a Wonder Woman in all of us

Boxing Betty is more than just a women’s only boxing bootcamp. It’s also about bringing out the best in ourselves and each other. If I was to pick the theme song, it would be Helen Reddy’s song “I am woman” (humming in my head “I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman!!”) – cheesy I know!!! Maybe I should pump up the song during bootcamp?

As this site is new, I would like to set an agenda. Every Friday, I will be introducing an inspiring woman. It will be a regular feature called TGIF – Thank Goodness I’m Female. So keep an eye out tomorrow for the first TGIF. I am open to suggestions if you would like me to feature anyone you know.


Speaking of inspiring women, Westpac and the Australian Financial Review are running the 100 Women of Influence Awards. These awards recognise and celebrate inspiring women across a range of industries and the community who work tirelessly to help shape a vibrant and inclusive future for all Australians. I encourage you to use your influence to nominate yourself or someone you know at

Professor Adele Green, was last year’s overall Women of Influence award winner. Her influential work was proving that daily sunscreen use can halve the risk of melanoma. The greater understanding Adele has given us of this insidious disease is, of course, particularly relevant for us here in Australia when you consider that 11,000 Australians are diagnosed with melanoma every year.

The award categories are:

Board / management
Women working in a management role or on a board in public or private companies. You might be running a team, a key project, or developing strategy and your influence extends beyond your formal role to personal support, mentoring and networks

Public policy
Women working in the public sector at either local, state or federal level. This may include those working in agencies or in an advisory role to influence and change public policy to support better social inclusion and equity.

Women who have dedicated themselves to consistently advocating for a more diverse workforce and who have helped make the change happen. This includes advocacy in the boardroom, in government, lobby groups, in small or large businesses or the community.

Business enterprise
Women who are business founders, owners, operators or part-owners and are actively involved in the

Head to for more information.